ActiveSync for Mobile Email

Intermedia's hosted ActiveSync service gives your staff instant, anywhere access to their email from a wide range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, as well as the latest Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones, plus many others.

ActiveSync's instant push technology keeps your employees' devices constantly synced and updated with the latest email, calendar and contact data. Hosted ActiveSync means that we manage the entire service for you from our world-class datacenters. While other companies charge a premium for the setup, maintenance, updates and patches – Intermedia does it all free of charge.

Benefits of Exchange access through ActiveSync on your mobile device include:

  • Constantly synced email, calendars, contacts and more
  • More secure access than provided by IMAP / POP3 functionality
  • Ability to remotely delete any corporate email or data if the device is lost or stolen


BlackBerry hosting from Intermedia provides you with real-time wireless connectivity to your hosted Exchange server, for true wireless 'push' email on your BlackBerry smartphone. With BlackBerry hosting, you get two-way, wireless synchronization of your email, calendar, contacts and tasks between your BlackBerry smartphone and your Intermedia hosted Exchange service, without any additional hardware or software to purchase.

With BlackBerry Hosting from Intermedia, you and your organization can unlock the full potential of your BlackBerry smartphones. Unlike the basic BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) provided by your mobile carrier, BlackBerry hosting provides real-time wireless synchronization of everything in your Outlook desktop to your smartphone.

Outlook Web App

In addition to the full version of Outlook on your PC, you can also access your account on-the-go with Outlook Wep App (OWA).

OWA with Exchange 2010 provides a complete mail client experience in the browser. Manage your contacts, calendar, and email just like you are at your primary desktop, and all your changes will be synced to your desktop Outlook software and your mobile devices instantly.

OWA is a full-featured, web-based email client with the look and feel of the Outlook client. With OWA, users can access their mailboxes from any Internet connection regardless of whether or not the computer is equipped with Outlook.

OWA provides most of the same functionality found in Outlook, including the familiar, easy-to-use interface, and the essential tools needed to create professional email (spell check, signatures, HTML support and more).

In addition to email, OWA allows users to access their calendars, contacts, tasks and folders through a secure connection, just like they would in the office. Users can also search their old email, set up or edit out of office notifications, manage junk mail settings, and more.

OWA also supports a wide range of file types including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, PDF files and more. With OWA, users can access these file types even if the program the file is derived from isn’t installed on their computer.

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