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Monthly price (month-to-month term)$8.95$19.95$35.95$55.95$99.95
Monthly price (on 12-month term)$5.95$15.95$29.95$49.95$89.95
One-time setup fee$10$25$25$25$25
Disk Space & Traffic
Initial Disk Storage for Web Server5 GB10 GB20 GB30 GB50 GB
Initial Disk Storage for Mail Server1 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB5 GB
Bandwidth/Traffic20 GB/mo100 GB/mo200 GB/mo300 GB/mo500 GB/mo
Isolated Application Pools for each Web sitecheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Optional Features of Disk Space & traffic >
Additional Bandwidth Quota$1.20/mo per 1 GB
Overage bandwidth cost$1.60/mo per 1 GB
Maximum bandwidth1000 GB
Additional Disk Space$5/mo per 25 MB
Maximum Web server disk space50 GB50 GB50 GB50 GB100 GB
Maximum Email server disk space10 GB
Maximum MS SQL disk space-1 GB1 GB2 GB3 GB
Web Site Management Tools
HostPilot® Control Panelcheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Unlimited FTP access for up to...2 users50 users50 users50 users500 users
SharePoint 2003 Services up to...--50 users50 users500 users
Microsoft™ FrontPage™ Extensions with SLL authoring enablements includedcheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
DotNetNuke 4.8.2 content management systemcheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Community Server 3.0check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
AWStats statistic reportscheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Windows Scheduler (per account)--101020
Web server log filescheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Supported Technologies
Custom Error Pagescheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Custom Web Applications-251020
Custom Virtual Directories-251020
Active Server Pages (VBScript, JScript)-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Pre-registered ActiveX Components (SA-FileUp, ASP Components Bundle)-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0 (ASP.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET Web Services, .NET Framework 3.5, Web Services Enhancements (WSE), Supported Languages: VB.NET, C#, VJ#)-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
PHP 5--check-greencheck-greencheck-green
Custom Active X DLL and OCX Registration---check-greencheck-green
Microsoft Index Server-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Unlimited ODBC source set up-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Server-Side Includes (SSI)check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
XSL 2.1check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
MSXML 4.0check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Custom CGI applications (executables) in C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, VJ++check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
AJAX 1.0 Extensions-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
SSL certificates installation and configuration availablecheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
IE WebControls-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
WML Enabledcheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
ASP.NET Mobile Controls: Device Update 4-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
XML Web Servicescheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
VS.NET Support-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
VB.NET Support-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
WSE 3.0-check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Microsoft Server Win2003/IIS 6.0 managed by Microsoft Certified Systems Engineerscheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
99.99% uptime guaranteecheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
24x7x365 support (Microsoft Certified Professionals on-staff)check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
High Quality Infrastructure and Hardware. We only use DELL hardware and Cisco routers.check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Premiere Data Centers and Tier 1 network providerscheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Account Contacts included22334
Additional account contacts$9.95 per contact per month
Domain Names & IP
Dedicated IP addresscheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Use your own domain name (e.g.
Domain Registrationcheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Additional domain redirects$5/mo each (limit 24 per account)
Email and Anti-spam
Email accounts10unlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
DeskPilot Web-based Emailcheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Filtering of dangerous attachments (protects from viruses)check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Unlimited email forwardingcheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Autoresponder for each email addresscheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Additional Mailboxes$1/mo
per mailbox
SPAM filtercheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Optional Features of Email and Anti-Spam >
Additional Email server disk space$5/mo per 25 MB
Maximum Email server disk space1000 MB2000 MB2000 MB2000 MB4000 MB
Mailman Mailing Lists (initial 2000 subscribers)$10/mo per list - initial 2000 subscribersincluded
Add mailman mailing lists subscribers (6,000 max)$5/mo per list - every additional 2000 subscribers
Maximum number of mailman mailing lists520
Disk space included with Mailman module200 MB
Additional Mailman module disk space$5/mo per 25 MB
Maximum Mailman module disk space1000 MB
Database Support
MS Accesscheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
MS SQL/MySQL Server databases-see below255
MS SQL Backup and Restore interface for self-administration-see belowcheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
MS SQL/MySQL Server disk space-see below400 MB total1 GB total1.5 GB total
Optional Features of Database Support >
MS SQL/MySQL Server-$10/mo
1 databases
200 MB space
2 databases
400 MB space
5 databases
1 GB space
5 databases
1.5 GB space
Additional MS SQL/MySQL databases-$5/mo each
Additional MS SQL/MySQL server disk space-$5/mo per 25MB
Maximum MS SQL/MySQL server disk space-1 GB1 GB2 GB3 GB
Web Server Securitycheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Password Protected Directoriescheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Weekly backup of your web sitecheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Secure data center monitored 24/7check-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Data restoration$40
Secure Certificate Installation is Includedcheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
PayPal Merchant Services payment processing system supportcheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-greencheck-green
Optional Features of E-Commerce >
Merchant Account (payQuake)$24.95/mo, $99 setup
Secure Certificate (GeoTrust)$129/year, no setup fee
Optional Services (for all plans)
Burn Content to a DVD, price per DVD$124
Burn Content to an HDD, price per HDD (Customers ship HDD to Intermedia)$190
Create 301 Redirects$10
Custom Service Request (½ hour increments)$60
Enable ISAPI-Rewrite Filter$10
Manually Migrate SharePoint from One Account to Another via FrontPage$250
Manually Copy or Migrate Content from One Account to Another$124
Restore/Upload/Move All Web Server Content (Separate Directories or Files)$40
Restore Individual Mailboxes Deleted in the Last Two Weeks$60
Database Restoration$40
All Shipping and Handling Services$24