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Whether you're a small business just getting started or you have multiple locations, Intermedia's business phone system will help you run your business effectively and efficiently.

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*Savings based on a comparison of fees charges by other providers compared to Intermedia's Costco Executive member pricing. Individual savings my vary based on system requirements and rates and fees charged by competitors. For additional information, including fee schedules and additional terms and conditions, call 1-877-757-2606.

**Members purchasing new systems are eligible to receive one free Polycom IP 331 or Vertical IP 2041 phone per purchased line of service or an "Instant Rebate" of $75 for each line of service purchased along with a qualifying phone purchase from Intermedia. Qualifying phones include the following Intermedia IP phones: Polycom SoundPoint IP 550, 650, 6000 and VVX500. One year service contract required; early cancellation penalties apply, not limited to repayment of phones costs or rebates. Limit one Instant Rebate per service line purchased with qualifying phone. Instant Rebate offer does not apply to other optional hardware such as wireless adapters and fax adapters.

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