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Gartner names Intermedia as a “Visionary” in its Unified Communications as a Service magic quadrant.
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The Radicati Group names Intermedia as a "top player" in its hosted Exchange market quadrant - second only to Microsoft itself.
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Bill McGloine says he asked his staff about disaster recovery when he was named information technology director at Korg USA about a year and a half ago. 'The answer was simple: There was no plan,' he says. The distributor of musical instruments was caught up in a 'small business mentality from years ago,' he says, and needed to reassess how dependent it had become on technology for day-to-day operations. At the time, the technology group was preparing to upgrade its e-mail server and phone system, but McGloine pulled the plug on those plans. Instead, he signed the company up for Microsoft Exchange hosting with


Microsoft named it [Intermedia] as the largest hosted Exchange provider partner in the world.

Tier 1 ResearchTier 1 Research

Tier 1 ResearchTier 1 Research

"[Intermedia] is a privately held firm that has developed an interesting niche in the communications services business: hosting Microsoft Exchange services, along with other enhanced communications services to small and mid-size businesses. For one monthly fee, customers get VoIP telephony, smartphones, business email, instant messaging, fax, and other communications functions delivered as a service."

VoIP Planet

Differences among iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users were a bit surprising in another survey by Intermedia, a Microsoft Exchange hosting provider. Intermedia found that 50 percent of employees at small and midsized businesses use smartphones to access e-mail. And it's interesting to note that Android devices receive more overall messages than the BlackBerry, which has traditionally been viewed as the messaging king. What about iPhone owners? They fire off the most outgoing messages, earning the title of "most chatty," says Intermedia.

CIO MagazineCIO Magazine

It's because its [Intermedia’s] own hosted Exchange offering, and the pieces around it, provide a very compelling reason to choose it over a commodity direct offering.

Tier 1 ResearchTier 1 Research

It [Intermedia] recognizes it's not about applications, but the service around it. It's about how easy it is to use, and how much control is offered. On-premises Exchange customers desire these levels of control when making the transition to cloud. It also can provide confidence in where the data is stored, with sizeable infrastructure across seven datacenters, six in the US and one in the UK. These are all concerns when making the leap from on-premises to hosted Exchange. These businesses aren't concerned with saving a couple of bucks per seat at the expense of usability, management and support, nor having to go to several vendors to build out a hosted IT product for something that isn't nearly as integrated.

Tier 1 ResearchTier 1 Research

Channel Insider, the leading channel market publication, calls Intermedia, "The market's leading Exchange hosting provider."

Channel InsiderChannel Insider

Intermedia continues to push forward in the hosted Exchange market... organizations continue to see the logic in moving on-premise Exchange servers into third-party datacenters. It makes too much sense from a cost, performance and efficiency perspective, while allowing customers to easily and affordably consume value-added services like archiving, security and disaster recovery.

Tier-1 ResearchTier-1 Research

…the company [Intermedia] can be considered a one-stop IT shop with a deep Exchange expertise history.

Tier 1 ResearchTier 1 Research

What the Intermedia milestone and the continued success of other hosted email providers may reflect is a tipping point when on-premises email becomes obsolete and cloud-based email is the dominant digital communications medium. In that regard, Intermedia and other service providers like it are leading the way forward into the email cloud.


On Intermedia's service: "Reasonable price and excellent service! Exchange 2010's web interface is nice, very nice. Works just like the fat client version of Microsoft Outlook and behaves on Firefox too!"

IT Business EdgePaul MahIT Business Edge

"[Intermedia] service has been rock stable to date. In addition, I am left impressed by the stellar and prompt technical support - the support folks at Intermedia certainly know what they are talking about. One reason I opted for Intermedia is due to it being the world's largest provider of Microsoft Exchange hosting.

"Intermedia also supports BlackBerry and Exchange ActiveSync. I was able to activate my BlackBerry with my new account without having to bother with installing BES or perform any additional configuration. Should I lose my device, the custom controls mean that I can bypass Intermedia support to perform a remote data wipe directly from the Web interface."

"As hosted services increase in reliability, it simply does not make sense to run one's own e-mail servers... Indeed, the cost of hardware, software licenses, upgrades, and maintenance can stack up quickly. Done correctly, the per-seat cost reductions gained by going for a hosted service can be significant for smaller businesses."

"Exchange 2010 offers superior Outlook Web Access, with an experience matching that of Microsoft's Outlook client. E-mails can be dragged between folders, while calendar entries can be moved around and resized. In fact, doing a right-click over various items will bring out relevant context menus instead of the standard browser options."

IT BusinessEdgePaul MahIT BusinessEdge

Intermedia is one of the largest and fastest growing Exchange providers in the market today, and we are pleased to see them reach the 500,000 subscriber milestone – proving their success at offering a valuable channel program, for partners looking to resell a powerful solution under their own brand. The cloud levels the playing field for SMBs, helping them compete in today’s fast-moving business environment. Intermedia’s cloud services offer easy migration and a powerful set of control panels that are complemented by industry-leading customer support.

Sara Radicatipresident & CEO, The Radicati Group, a leading analyst firm following the business email market

Intermedia is one of the best-known providers of white label hosted Exchange services to MSPs.

MSP MentorMSP Mentor

In the past, unified communications required complex integration of hardware, software and service from multiple vendors - putting the approach out of reach for most SMBs. These businesses need the same capabilities as larger businesses, but delivered as a service that is simple to set-up, easy to administrate and backed by 24x7 support. Intermedia's offering achieves this, leveling the competitive playing field.

Osterman ResearchMichael OstermanOsterman Research

[Intermedia] released some estimates of how small businesses can reduce their carbon footprints and save money by outsourcing their communications technology…Communications complexity is growing, but so are the potential benefits in other parts of the business, so you can see the potential appeal. The economies of scale of outsourcing also mean that it’s usually a greener solution.

Green IT ReportGreen IT Report

Hosted email specialist Intermedia says it has experienced explosive growth in its Exchange 2010 customer base — and a spokesperson says that these numbers represent proof that Intermedia is leading Exchange’s charge against Google Apps.


Reading between the lines, what Intermedia is trying to say is that while Google Apps has certainly been a disruptive force in the hosted application market, it’s not enterprise ready — and what Microsoft and Intermedia has whipped up, well, is.


Intermedia appears to be ahead of Microsoft's own Exchange SaaS efforts in some areas. While Intermedia has offered Hosted Exchange 2010 since 2009, Microsoft itself continues to promote Exchange 2007 as the primary SaaS email platform within the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).


Technology companies of all stripes, shapes and sizes are looking at hosted services as a complementary offering and are becoming service providers. But that is obviously not an easy transition and it is no surprise that they would look to a partner, especially when it comes to something like hosted Exchange.

Tier-1 ResearchTier-1 Research

The uptick Intermedia has experienced signals some trends in the market, but it should not obscure the fact that the company has done a solid job of growing through far less than optimal conditions.

Tier-1 ResearchTier-1 Research

Intermedia also recently launched its UK operations and have already signed on some customers. The new UK operations present some immediate upside for the company because some of its existing US-based customers have a presence in Europe and will translate that into more seats sooner than later.

Tier-1 ResearchTier-1 Research

Intermedia depends on its own engineering staff to stay ahead of rivals. So far, that approach has worked out well

MSP MentorMSP Mentor

Hosted Microsoft Exchange provider Intermdia is making a big step towards a real, cloud-delivered unified communications (UC) product with the launch of its hosted PBX service, targeted at giving even the smallest of enterprises a voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution that integrates with their messaging system.

The Var GuyThe Var Guy

Users of all three Intermedia hosted communications services can see when colleagues are on the phone and just click to call them when they're off. And [Jonathan] McCormick [Intermedia COO] says it's a snap for existing Intermedia customers to add this new services onto any in-place hosted deployments. Besides, since the PBX is hosted, the TCO drops below that of a legacy phone system, he claims.

The Var GuyThe Var Guy

Intermedia, known for its hosted Microsoft Exchange services, is TestimonialPositioning itself as a one-stop shop for small business' unified communications needs with the launch of its new hosted PBX service.

Channel InsiderChannel Insider

Many SMBs who are still using basic telephone service to run their business will benefit from the professional image a hosted PBX service like Intermedia brings. Through the Intermedia offering, companies can set up Exchange-based unified communications – enabling employees to manage email and voice services from Outlook. An organization that makes extensive use of email, telephony or real time communications – or that will want to do so in the future – will realize enormous benefits from the use of a unified communications infrastructure.

Osterman ResearchMichael Osterman of industry analyst firmOsterman Research

Intermedia has been ahead of the curve in this area [Migration], offering a free Exchange Concierge service with dedicated staff for migration assistance…

Windows IT ProWindows IT Pro

VoIP and hosted PBX services are maturing, and countless suppliers and service providers have stepped up to enable businesses to abandon their old telephony infrastructures in favor of subscriptions that allow for the use of both desktop phones and PC softphones that can provide call management, voicemail, call forwarding and many other capabilities at a low cost…there are providers who offer the benefits companies are looking for who are solid players. Here are seven providers of online VoIP and hosted PBX services that are worth a look….Intermedia provides a full hosted PBX solution with pricing at about $30 per user per month. Perhaps the biggest selling point of this versus softphone-only services is that the service enables the use of SIP phones.

Channel InsiderChannel Insider

Intermedia's UC solution relies on Microsoft Exchange and some of the features the set-up offers help ease the sales process for SMBs. OCS Calling brings up all a customers information on a sales rep's screen, making sure they have all the relevant data at their fingertips for a successful sales call. The use of the OCS calling feature by Intermedia's customers has more than doubled since the release of their Hosted PBX product. The 'follow me' feature allows sales reps to go mobile and not worry about missing a call from a client.

Fierce VoIPFierce VoIP

Cloud provider Intermedia added policy-based email encryption to its hosted Exchange service, with an eye on smaller businesses dealing with data security challenges and complex government regulations…Policy-based encryption was something Intermedia's current customers had been asking for, according to [Jonathan] McCormick, [Intermedia COO], often prompted by federal and state laws that govern their privacy practices. Those include both long-standing regulations such as HIPAA, as well as new or pending legislation at the state level, such as the data privacy law enacted in Massachusetts last year.

Information WeekInformation Week

People who run a business alone often want it to appear bigger than it really is — as if it has teams of employees and unlimited resources. This is now more possible than ever thanks to some tools that so-called solopreneurs and other small businesses have at their disposal, giving them the reach and capabilities of far bigger companies…Stephen Xavier, an executive coach, uses Microsoft’s Exchange e-mail system — a staple among Fortune 500 companies — through Intermedia, a hosted Exchange [provider].

New York TimesNew York Times

Intermedia was named one of the top seven VoIP providers by Channel Insider: Online VoIP and Hosted PBX Services: Seven Worth a Look

Channel InsiderChannel Insider

Why won't customers just go to Mozy for the services? Why buy from Intermedia? The truth is that there are differences between Intermedia's service and Mozy's direct retail service. First and foremost is the integration within Intermedia's control panel. Staying with a single user experience, account, login, password and billing relationship has a great deal of value. In many cases, this will be enough to tip the scales in favor of Intermedia and the convenience should be compelling. Everyone wants more applications, but more than that, they want applications that can do more. Integration with HostPilot does just that – making a single interface/application more powerful. But just as importantly, Intermedia is enhancing integration with other communication and messaging services. For example, Intermedia is going to integrate online backup directly into Outlook and allow users to initiate restores and backups right within Outlook.

Tier One ResearchTier One Research

Small businesses (startups, single-person companies, etc.) desirous of a more professional public face - are working on free tools like Skype and Google Voice and their cell phone. A hosted Intermedia PBX solution can cost-effectively help them move calls between coworkers and save sales opportunities by making sure they never miss a call.

Talkin' CloudTalkin' Cloud

[Online Backup] enables broader backup for laptops and other hardware in the mobile worker’s toolbox.

Information WeekInformation Week

I’ve been using a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange 2010 through Intermedia…I hated Outlook Web Access in Exchange 2007 and earlier. The Outlook Web App in Exchange 2010 is a complete game-changer. It can match the desktop version of Outlook feature for feature, and it feels like an app, not a fancy web page.

ZDNetEd BottZDNet

Google Apps for Business and the E-for-Enterprise Office 365 plans offer more robust support options. But they can’t hold a candle to Intermedia’s support, which it legitimately touts as industry leading... Since I moved my primary business and personal accounts to Intermedia, I’ve needed to call for support on several occasions. Hold times were brief, and the engineers I talked to were able to address my issues quickly and accurately.

ZD NetEd BottZD Net

They [the competition] can't hold a candle to Intermedia's support, which it legitimately touts as industry leading.

ZD NetEd BottZD Net

The combination of excellent spam filtering and great support were enough to tip the scales heavily in Intermedia's favor.

ZD NetEd BottZD Net