Intermedia AnyMeeting® Free Trial

Terms and Conditions


Intermedia's 30-Day Free Trial applies to new customer accounts on the AnyMeeting® platform. The 30-Day Free Trial is an option that allows accounts that are less than 30 days old to use the AnyMeeting Pro service (Pro Plan) without being charged for the first 30 days of service.  At any point during the 30 Day Free Trial, the purchaser may elect to purchase the Pro Plan or any other AnyMeeting plan by updating their AnyMeeting account.  If the purchaser elects to purchase the Pro Plan or any other AnyMeeting plan, the purchaser’s first charge will occur on the 1st of the calendar month following the end of the 30-Day Free Trial period and will include (a) a pro-rated amount for the portion of the preceding month between the end of the trial period and the last day of the month, if applicable, and (b) a charge for the full calendar month then starting.  If purchaser does not elect to purchase the Pro Plan at the end of the 30 Day Free Trial, the Pro Plan will automatically be downgraded to the AnyMeeting Starter service (Starter Plan), and usage of the Starter Plan will continue at no extra charge to the purchaser.  Purchaser may cancel its account or subscription at any time.  For further information regarding the AnyMeeting service, please refer to the AnyMeeting Product Schedule located at


Certain international customers that are unable to arrange for payment in U.S. Dollars (or any other currency that Intermedia accepts) will be unable to establish an account and participate in the 30-Day Free Trial.  For more information regarding setting up an Intermedia account or adding the AnyMeeting service, please call our Sales team at +1 (650) 641-4000, Option 2 or email   


To be eligible to participate in this 30-Day Free Trial, the applicable purchaser must be in good standing with Intermedia and must not be in violation of any relevant agreements or policies or be past due on any obligations. Intermedia reserves the right to discontinue or change the terms of this free trial at any time. Intermedia further reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these terms.