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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much does AnyMeeting Pro Cost after the promotion?

AnyMeeting Pro is only $12.99/month/License.

Q. What happens to my license at the end of 2020?

You'll have the option to upgrade and keep all of your AnyMeeting Pro features, or continue with our Basic Starter Plan for Free, so you won't lose access to your video conferencing capabilities.

Q. I’m not based in the US. How do I sign up?

You can sign up from anywhere in the world! Simply use the signup page to get started.

Q. What is the difference between video conferencing and webinars?

Video Conferencing provides a two-way dialogue with audio and video capabilities. Webinar is used for broadcasting one-way to a large audience in a single meeting (i.e. customer webinars etc.)

Q. Is AnyMeeting and Webinar separate? Does one give me access to the other?

Yes, AnyMeeting Video Conferencing and AnyMeeting Webinar are separate products. Corporate clients are eligible to get one Webinar Pro License per account when they activate their Video Conferencing Licenses.

Q. Is AnyMeeting HIPPA compliant?

Yes, as long as you don’t record your meetings, AnyMeeting is HIPPA compliant. Your recordings, as they are external files, do not meet HIPPA guidelines.

Q. What type of equipment do I need to run these meetings?

You can start a meeting from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with the AnyMeeting desktop or mobile app, or simply by using your internet browser.

Q. Is there a limit to my meetings?

AnyMeeting does not have meeting time restrictions or a restriction on the number of meetings you can hold. Truly Unlimited!

Q. Can participants connect to the meeting from their mobile phone?

Yes, through the AnyMeeting mobile app, or simply by dialing in.

Q. Do meeting participants need an AnyMeeting account?

No, anyone can join your meetings or webinars – No downloads required!

Q. What is the difference between web and web + phone participants? (referring to our product page)

Web participants use digital means to access their Online Meeting, while Phone participants call in to a Conference Bridge.

Q. How complicated is the app to use for attendees?

Our app is intuitive, simple, and easy to use for all participants. They don’t even need to download an app or sign up to join a meeting!

Q. Can you run multiple meetings at a time?

Yes, you can participate in multiple meetings as an attendee.

Q. Can you upload videos/decks onto the webinar product?

Yes, you can!

Q. How many presenters can you have?

You can have up to 12 webinar presenters on video at any given time.

Q. What kind of reporting does your webinar platform provide? Can I report on who attended and for how long?

Yes, use our built-in reporting to see who attended your webinar and for how long. You can also evaluate your surveys and quizzes, review your engagement data and more.

Q. Where can you download the app?

You can download our app here.



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