RIM Emphasizes Apps at Annual Wireless Enterprise Summit

What is “Aaaaaaaaaaapps!”?

(a) The scream heard ’round the world?
(b) Battle cry on the Planet of the Apps?
(c) Orlando Magic cheerleaders’ chant?
(d) The everpresent refrain at the recent RIM WES conference?
(e) None of the above?

I recently attended and spoke at RIM’s annual Wireless Enterprise Summit (WES), a.k.a. Appland. RIM has been doing a great job of harnessing the smartphone interest created by the iPhone and drawing more attention to BlackBerry devices as a result. RIM’s device sales numbers have been impressive, and growth on the consumer side has helped this in an unexpected way. RIM is busily rolling out its App store, and the push is on for greater numbers of BlackBerry-specific applications. It is clear from the various RIM presentations, constant encouragement from RIM representatives, and even from the tradeshow floor that Appland will represent RIM’s next “promised land”.

Why? I think the answers are fairly clear: Carriers make good money on bandwidth, and good apps are “sticky”–they keep customers hooked to their devices and data plans. Beyond that, email/SMS is becoming the standard for smartphones; while the market is certainly not saturated for these functions, the opportunity for growth is limitless for well-designed, usable, bulletproof applications. From a hosting perspective, the applications that meet this criteria, are potentially ubiquitous, can leverage BES functionality, and are designed for a multi-tenant environment, will have key advantages over other, less robust applications.

Let The Application Contest Begin!

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