New White Paper on Benefits of UC for SMBs

Intermedia has just issued a new white papaer, written by Osterman Research, on The Benefits of Unified Communications for SMBs. You can download the white paper from our site.

The below is an excerpt from the white paper:

Unified communications is an important capability that offers a number of benefits, including:

  • The ability to integrate email, voice and instant messaging into a more cohesive communications system than most organizations have available to them today.
  • Faster decision making because all of the data that users and organizations need is available through any access point and users can communicate with others inside and outside their organization more easily and more quickly.
  • Lower overall IT and telecommunications costs, particularly for labor, because of the inherent economies of scale available with an integrated communications platform.

The benefits of unified communications are particularly important for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) for a variety of reasons:

  • A large proportion of employees in the SMB space are mobile and highly distributed, meaning they are often away from their primary, desktop communications tools; or not based at a corporate headquarters location where they are supported by onpremise IT staff. For example, an Osterman Research survey conducted in late 2009 found that more than 30% of employees in SMBs are mobile at least some of the time, and one in six employees is out of the office much of the time.
  • SMBs tend to have a higher cost per seat for communications capabilities like email and telephony given that they can spread the fixed costs of the infrastructure over a relatively small number of seats. This makes hosted solutions of various types even more advantageous given the greater proportional cost savings that can be realized. Further, a hosted unified communications solution offers significant benefits for SMBs beyond just overall cost savings. Most notably, the benefits include the ability to use a carrier-grade communications capability that allows them to operate more on par with larger organizations, but without the significant outlay of capital and without the IT staff necessary to deploy and manage the system. 


There are two important issues for SMB decision makers to consider: a) unified communications can provide a significant number of IT, employee and business benefits; and b) hosted solutions should be seriously considered as a way of deploying unified communications more quickly and managing it less expensively. 


This white paper was sponsored by Intermedia, a leading provider of hosted services, including unified communications, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, email security and other applications. The white paper discusses the many benefits of unified communications, and it discusses Intermedia’s offering in this space, Unison. You can download white paper “The Benefits of Unified Communications for SMBs” from our site.

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