Outlook 2010 Coming Soon

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is due to launch in the coming weeks and only with Exchange 2010 can you fully take advantage of the new features. Outlook 2010 is built to run in its fullest capacity on Exchange 2010 – and Intermedia is the leading hosting provider offering Exchange 2010. New and exciting features have been developed. Here are some of the cool client features coming soon!

MailTips: MailTips gives a non-intrusive warning when you’re about to send a message that doesn’t look quite right – such as when you’re going to send a message to a distribution list or to all users in your contacts – it gently asks you if this is in fact your intention. It also lets you know if you aren’t responding to a most recent version of an email chain. MailTips is a friendly tap on the shoulder when you’re about to send a message.

Conversation View: Email can be inundating…Conversation View consolidates messages by conversation. For example, say Suzy, Bob and Jane are emailing back and forth about a presentation and you are CCd on the messages. You will see the conversation by subject and when you click on a drop down arrow all the messages are there – newest on top. You can even mange the conversation by right clicking and confirming to delete yourself from the conversation or remove unnecessary portions of that particular conversation.

Check out this video from Microsoft on some of the newest features and benefits of Outlook 2010.

We’ve also included images of Mailtips.

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