The Challenge
More than 67,000 American businesses rely on an out-of-date Microsoft Exchange server for their email, calendar and address books (Radicati Group, 2009). Given this reliance, it’s not surprising that 33 percent of our customers come to us in crisis after their email server breaks, leaving their organization without email – or access to critical contacts, calendar information and files.

Others come to us because their IT department is overworked, hardware costs are too high, or their business is unable to support both BlackBerries and iPhones.

The Good News
Using a hosted service solves these problems and saves you up to 90 percent on email costs – savings that can reach tens of thousands of dollars (Osterman Research, 2010).  In response, CEOs and IT leaders are pushing their organization to make the switch, which the right provider can handle for you without disruption to users.

Overview of Your Guide
Intermedia and SpiceWorks, a community of nearly $1 million IT pros, partnered to develop this buyer’s guide. Use it to see if hosted Exchange is right for you and to help with provider selection – whether you choose our service (the world’s largest) or not. The guide includes the top 20 questions to ask potential providers, including:

  1. How many users do you support today? Service providers with only a handful of clients face an uncertain future.
  2. What does your SLA provide? No one can provide a guaranteed 100% uptime so beware of over-inflated promises or, conversely, providers with no written SLA.
  3. Do you have Microsoft-certified technicians on-staff? Your Exchange host should employ Microsoft-certified staff to ensure technological prowess and support. One reason you’re partnering with a service provider is to leverage their investment in highly qualified personnel.
  4. What migration tools are at my disposal? A provider’s use of automated tools eliminates the legwork, while live telephone support ensures you’ll get answers when and how you need them. A provider like Intermedia migrates you for free.
  5. How do you provide tech support after-hours? Some service companies only have a skeleton crew, if any, after-hours. Since employees access email around-the-clock, it’s important that tech support is available 24×7.

Whether you choose Intermedia or not, we hope the Buyer’s Guide is helpful to you as you evaluate hosted solution providers.  For more information, call 1-800-379-7729.


About The Intermedia Team

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