Computer Beats out Smartphone and Tablet as #1 Device Business People Can’t Live Without, Says Intermedia Survey

Computer Beats out Smartphone and Tablet as #1 Device Business People Can’t Live Without, Says Intermedia

The computer is still king, beating out smartphones, tablets and TVs as the number one device business people cannot live without. The findings are from a recent survey by Intermedia, a global leader in cloud services and the largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider.

With so many ways for business people to stay connected to the office and world around them, Intermedia’s business communications survey asked what one device a business person could not live without. According to the survey, computers were the overwhelming favorite – a choice more popular than smartphones, TVs and tablets combined.

The survey[1] found that if a person could only keep either their computer, TV, smartphone or tablet device:

  • 52 percent would keep their computer
  • 23 percent choose their smartphone
  • 19 percent want to keep their TV
  • 6 percent choose their tablet

For an infographic representing the survey data, see Intermedia’s Resource Center.

“We expect our survey results to be dramatically different one year from now,” says Michael Gold, president, Intermedia. “More and more business people are discovering that smartphones and tablets offer the same set of business capabilities as their computers – from secure email, to applications, to conferencing.  For this reason, Intermedia has seen an explosion in smartphone and tablet adoption in our customer base – with tablet activations increasing by 119 percent in the four months from May to September. Executives want to access their productivity tools and information from all their devices, wherever they are.”

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[1] Survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Intermedia.

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