Partner Sales Playbook: The Hybrid Email Environment

The ideal email scenario for some businesses may consist of a combination of both Exchange and POP/IMAP mailboxes. Intermedia helps you cater to these businesses by giving you the ability to provide your customers with a “hybrid” email environment: combining Exchange and POP/IMAP email in one package.


Let’s say you have a large potential customer who wants cloud email services for 1,000 users. However, half of these users are call center employees who rarely have the need to attend internal meetings and are strictly focused on supporting external customers. In this case, you recommend a POP/IMAP solution for these employees who do not need to leverage features like shared calendars — and for the remaining 500 users you can deploy a full-featured Exchange solution to enable maximum collaboration. This hybrid package of Exchange and POP/IMAP enables you to service the entire customer account at a lower overall cost. It also helps reinforce your position as a trusted advisor by recommending a combination of cloud services that are best suitable for your customer’s needs at the right price.


POP/IMAP mailboxes are ideal for users who require basic email functionality and mobile device synchronization. For users who require advanced functionality, Exchange mailboxes would be most appropriate. POP/IMAP email accounts use the same domain as your customers’ Exchange email ( ensuring no visible difference to recipients who receive mail from a POP/IMAP email address or an Exchange based email address. POP/IMAP email is compatible with the most widely used email clients including Outlook, Thunderbird, AppleMail and more. POP/IMAP email also synchronizes with the majority of mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile). See below for a detailed list of features.


Mail items can be managed both online and offline Yes Yes
Ability to access the Global Address List Yes Yes
Distribution lists Yes Yes
Virus and spam filtering Yes Yes
Secure access and regular mail backups Yes Yes
Email forwarding Yes Yes
My Services interface to change passwords, set out of office, etc. Yes Yes
Two-way sync of mail folders between server and mail client IMAP only Yes
Webmail client Mail only – no calendars, contacts or tasks Yes
Syncs with desktop mail client Mail only – no calendars, contacts or tasks Yes
Mobile Sync Mail only – no calendars, contacts or tasks Yes
Lync integration with Exchange No Yes
Ability to add compliant archiving No Yes
Ability to add MessageMirror No Yes
Ability to add policy-based encryption No Yes


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