Collaboration Tips: User Permissions and Email Aliases

Hosted Microsoft Exchange offers rich features which facilitate collaboration within an organization. A CEO who has hundreds of appointments a week will need an assistant to arrange his schedule; however, the CEO might not want to give his password to the assistant just so that the assistant can manage his calendar. The good news is that Microsoft Exchange allows you to have granular control over the level of access a user can have!

Full Access:

A user who has full access right to another mailbox (say it’s John’s mailbox) can add John’s mailbox to her own Outlook profile, view everything in John’s mailbox, have the ability to make changes, and also send emails as John.

Send As:
A user who has send as permission to another mailbox (still, it’s John’s mailbox) can send email in his own Outlook profile and make it look like it’s sent by John. However, he won’t be able to view the content in John’s mailbox.

Both permissions can be assigned in HostPilot by an administrator.

After the permission is set, some users receive bounce back messages suggesting they do not have sufficient permission to send as another user. A neat trick that we found is to select the Send As address from Global Address List when you send as another user for the first time. This is how you do it: open a new mail > Options tab > Show From button > click on FROM > select Other E-Mail Address > click From > select the address in the Address Book > click OK > OK. Make sure that you do not type the address but select it from Global Address List. If there’s already an entry on the FROM button, you should delete it. After the first successful sent, you can use the entry on the FROM button to send as another user.
Email Aliases

Furthermore, you might not want to publish users’ email addresses to the public; however, you’d still like to have certain email addresses available on the website for people to contact, such as for job inquiries and for product interests. If the HR manager Jack is the only person who should receive emails regarding job inquiries, you can add as an email alias onto Jack’s mailbox. That way, all emails sent to will be delivered into without having to publish Jack’s email address.

However, on the off chance that Jack needs to send email as but does not want to maintain a different mailbox (the abovementioned Full Access right approach), you can create as a Distribution List, add Jack as a member of the list, and send us an Extended Request to “Grant User Send As Permission from a Distribution List”.

Learn more about creating distribution lists.

Learn more about managing distribution lists.

Next time, we’ll talk about the granular delegation access a mailbox owner can grant other users. Stay tuned!

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