Email Archiving: Now part of our Office in the Cloud

For all our customers, Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud offers enterprise-grade reliability and protection against spam and viruses. But some customers—especially those in the healthcare, legal and financial industries—need even more than that. They have to comply with strict government regulations. They also have to protect themselves against both legal action as well as accidental or deliberate deletions of emails.

For all these customers, I’m pleased to announce the Intermedia now offers legally compliant Email Archiving.

Email Archiving gives you enterprise-grade preservation, protection and recovery tools to you’re your regulatory compliance, eDiscovery and intellectual property protection needs.

Our President, Michael Gold, recently spoke about Email Archiving. “It adds protection against legal and regulatory issues beyond the data security, backup and reliability levels for which Intermedia is already known,” he said.

And he’s right. It’s an easily manageable, flexible and cost-efficient way for you to ensure that every single email—as well as more than 450 types of file attachments—is archived, searchable and immediately retrievable, forever.

For businesses in the healthcare, financial and legal industries, it offers compliance with FERPA, FRCP, SOX, SEC, HIPAA and other state and federal rules that require email archiving.

Why you need Email Archiving
Email Archiving is not a business continuity tool. Our standard Office in the Cloud packages already make sure that your email is always available and completely reliable. What Email Archiving does is store your emails in a tamper-proof archive. This makes them formally admissible as evidence, compliant with industry regulations, and protected against accidental or intentional deletion by employees.

And of course, management for Email Archiving is centralized in our HostPilot Control Panel—alongside our other Office in the Cloud services including hosted Exchange, Hosted PBX and Cloud Server. Like these other services, it comes with 24/7 phone and email support to assure a worry-free experience.

To celebrate the launch of our new Email Archiving servic, we’re offering introductory pricing of 30% off the list price for a limited time—plus the first 30 days free. We’re also waiving the data migration fee, valued at $15 per GB of data, if you sign up before June 30, 2013.

Finally, we’re holding a live webinar on May 7th with many more details. Register today!

Got any questions? Visit our Email Archiving web page or call 1-800-379-7729.

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia