Introducing SecuriSync. Integrated into our Office in the Cloud.


All over the world, business users are asking about shared file collaboration. File sync and share. On-the-go team mobility.

When IT people hear that, they cringe and almost always ask: what about control? What about security?

SecuriSync is Intermedia’s newest product. And it’s designed to answer the questions that BOTH users and IT are asking.

What does SecuriSync do?

SecuriSync is a business-grade file collaboration service. It makes it simple for users to share and sync files. But—and this is key—it doesn’t force IT to compromise on control or protection.

For starters, it keeps shared files and folders synced in real-time across every desktop and mobile device.

If this were all it did, SecuriSync would have a big impact on helping workers collaborate. So, we took it to the next step by integrating it tightly with Office and Outlook.

But then—as its name implies—SecuriSync adds a powerful layer of protection, especially when you share a file outside of your company.

Finally, SecuriSync also gives users granular control over sharing permissions, at-rest and in-transit encryption and remote wipe capabilities.

The power of integration

If you manage IT, you know what a pain it is to add new vendors, regardless of how great the software may be. SecuriSync alleviates this pain because it’s an integrated part of our Office in the Cloud. You manage it through HostPilot, just like you do for all your other services.

If you’re an Intermedia customer, SecuriSync is simple to deploy and manage. In fact, you can deploy it right now in HostPilot.

If you’re not an Intermedia customer yet, SecuriSync is a good place to start. That’s because you can add it as a standalone service—giving your users syncing and sharing capabilities that are protected at the highest levels. Click here to get started.

Want to learn more? Visit the SecuriSync website or browse our resource center.

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia