SecuriSync Introduces Full Text Search with Web and Mobile Support

File sharing and syncing can increase your team’s productivity by making the right versions of important documents available and usable. For example, a sales team can respond to RFPs much more effectively by reusing sections of previous responses and collaborating with product experts to address new requirements.

Simply sharing these responses to RFPs more effectively across the entire sales team can increase productivity without requiring a complex content management system. Similarly, by organizing product-related files into shared folders, a cross-functional team can more quickly collaborate on launching a product, or helping a customer.

In general, the more documents and files you can make available to the team – or across the organization – the better. However, the need to search through these documents for the relevant information pretty quickly becomes a significant issue, especially as the quantity of documents increase, the documents become longer and more complex, and the numbers and types of people sharing files expand. Any of these factors can make it much more difficult to collaborate effectively if you don’t have the ability to search for content within documents.

This is why Intermedia has introduced full-text search with the latest release of SecuriSync, our business-grade file sync and share service. With SecuriSync, users now have fully indexed text search across their entire SecuriSync environment – desktop, mobile, and the web. Users can search for words and phrases for files, folders and file content. SecuriSync can search the content of a wide range of common file types. Words and phrases can be combined with Boolean operators for complex searches (“customer request” AND versioning OR control). Search options can restrict searches to filenames, filetypes, or content matches, and includes wildcards.

Our approach to file collaboration means that users can quickly search their local files or the entire repository of encrypted files available to them based on their permissions. Unlike some solutions, SecuriSync text search searches encrypted content rather than generating an unencrypted index, which is a potential security risk.

With SecuriSync full text search, users can quickly find the information they need, wherever it resides, from wherever they happen to be: at the office, on the road, using their desktop, laptop or smartphone. All with high reliability and security. That’s business-grade text search!

About Craig Woods

Craig Woods is the Director of Product Marketing for Industry Solutions at Intermedia.