SecuriSync’s new audit log: A safety net for file sharing

More times than I care to confess, I’ve wished for that mythical (as far as I know) email “unsend” feature.

When you’re sharing files, things can be even more complicated.

For example: let’s say you’re looking a folder that one of your employees shared with a consultant and discover that it contains your entire customer list. You quickly remove the confidential file—but what damage has been done? Can you find out who else might have had access to it? Can you identify who put the file there in the first place?

For many file sync and share services, this is a huge blind spot: you don’t know who is sharing what, nor how the files are being used. Which means you can’t identify risks nor take appropriate steps to resolve problems.

We just launched a new audit log feature for SecuriSync, our business-grade file sync and share service. And it solves this problem.


With the audit log, administrators can view SecuriSync activities across the entire account. This includes browsing the list and searching by user, file or folder name. You can also filter by a particular event or time period.

The SecuriSync audit log gives you the confidence to enable secure file sharing across your entire company—as well as with external users.

About Craig Woods

Craig Woods is the Director of Product Marketing for Industry Solutions at Intermedia.