New SecuriSync features—December, 2013


We’re really excited about the latest release for our SecuriSync file sync and share service. These new features live now right now!

Selective syncing
SecuriSync now gives you the ability to choose which folders/files they sync to your hard drive. This allows you to sync extremely large sets of files without filling up your entire drive. You can search the entire repository of files through the web portal or the mobile app. When you find the files you’re looking for, you can very easily select them to be available for offline access.

Choose your SecuriSync folder location
You may want a specific location for your shared folders based on your preference or how your computer is configured. (For example, many laptops have very small C: drives but larger secondary drives.) SecuriSync now provides the option of changing the location of the My SecuriSync folder.

Unlimited life for web links
In the past, SecuriSync web links had a 60-day expiration date. We’ve removed that date so that your web links can remain evergreen. (In addition, we’ve added the ability to disable a web link for extra security.)

Better protection against accidental file loss
Using the new administration option, you can prevent users from permanently deleting files.

Increased security via patent-pending client-side encryption
SecuriSync has added an additional level of patent pending client-side encryption to our at-rest and in-transit encryption.

Want to see how it all comes together? Take a tour of SecuriSync.

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