Email Archiving: because even one employee can ruin everything


A good friend of mine is the CEO of a small business. He recently asked me if he needed email archiving. After all, he said, his firm has less than 50 employees. Why should he bother with archiving email messages?

“Because,” I told him, “all it takes is one employee to ruin your whole day…or your whole business.”

Let’s give this employee a name. We’ll call him Bubba. Let’s say you hired Bubba and a year later he isn’t working out. Bubba senses it might be time to part ways with your firm, and becomes a bit disgruntled. He accepts a position with a competitor. And then he decides to bring your company’s intellectual property with him.

It’s easier than you might think. Osterman Research tells us that as much as 75% of a firm’s intellectual property resides inside emails. And while it’s possible that you may have the means to “lock down” and monitor your email traffic, my friend the CEO does not. His email is wide open—and, because it’s not properly archived, it would be simple for Bubba to cover his tracks.

I’ve seen several small businesses take advantage of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to seek retribution when sensitive information is stolen from company emails. This can be effective, but only if you’ve done your part. The act specifies that your intellectual property must be protected to qualify.

Without adequate email archiving, your attorneys might have a hard time proving your case. Also, with email archiving, Bubba’s is discouraged from stealing IP due to the heightened possibility of being discovered.

Intermedia’s Email Archiving service is a great solution for protection against the Bubbas of the world. But even if you choose another provider, the important thing is that you’re protected. We’d all like to think the unthinkable will never happen to us—but we should always plan for the worst, just in case.

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia