Announcing standalone Email Archiving from Intermedia

In the months since we’ve launched Email Archiving, our partners and our potential customers have been asking for the same thing: can they get Intermedia’s Email Archiving as a standalone service, even if their email isn’t hosted by Intermedia?

As of today, the answer is yes.

With the launch of standalone Email Archiving, Intermedia can provide cloud-based email compliance and eDiscovery services no matter where your email is hosted. A business can now achieve compliance even if its email is hosted by Microsoft Office 365, Google Mail or on- or off-premises Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes®, GroupWise, IMail, Scalix, or Zimbra environments.

This is big news for everyone

After all, if there’s one thing you need a truly worry-free experience for, it’s email archiving. And our Email Archiving comes with the 24/7 phone support (with <60 second hold times!) and extremely high reliability that characterize all our services.

If you run your own IT and aren’t quite ready to host your email with Intermedia, our standalone Email Archiving service lets you turn to us for this portion of your compliance and protection needs.

This is especially big for partners

By reselling standalone Email Archiving, Intermedia partners can offer cloud services to a much wider base of customers, leveraging Email Archiving as an on-ramp for future sales of Intermedia’s integrated Office in the Cloud services.Intermedia's Email Archiving control panel

Here’s what one partner said. “Many of my customers are interested in the benefits of the cloud, but not quite ready to migrate off their on-premises email server,” says Peter Hanna, Founder of Texas-based Intermedia partner Robo 6k. “With a standalone Email Archiving offering, I can protect their businesses while setting the stage for future managed services around Intermedia’s cloud services—with no integration headaches when they take the next steps.”

You’d be surprised how many business email and hosted Exchange providers do NOT offer email archiving that  enables compliance with ERPA, FRCP, SOC, SEC, HIPAA or other state and federal rules.

We’re delighted that, as of today, virtually any business can easily and cost-effectively assure that every single email—as well as more than 450 types of file attachments—is archived, searchable and immediately retrievable, forever.

What makes Intermedia’s service different?

By the way—our Email Archiving solution offers a number of unique benefits beyond compliance and protection. Like true linear scalability for scaling on a per-user basis, instead of overpaying or under-provisioning. Additionally, our technology allows for rapid onboarding as well as easy-to-use search-and-retrieve functionality. We’ve also got copies of your data spread across eight datacenters—which is twice as many data copies as other solutions.

If you’re a potential customer, you can deploy standalone Email Archiving today. If you’re an existing Intermedia partner, contact your Partner Development Executive to learn how you can resell it. (If you’re not a partner, learn about our industry leading Partner Program.)

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia