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Intermedia’s desktop SSO tool now supports Office 2013 apps

Our desktop Single Sign-On (SSO) tool makes it simple to set up your Office apps with Intermedia’s services. We’re pleased to announce that it now supports Office 2013 apps.

With this tool, you only need to enter your password once to access your key desktop and online Office apps.

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Here’s what this tool does for Office 2007, 2010 and, now, Office 2013 users on Windows:

  1. It automatically configures your Outlook profile
  2. It upgrades your Outlook to the latest version
  3. It installs and configures Microsoft Lync
  4. It provides one-click login to the online Outlook Web Access, SharePoint and Intermedia’s My Services portals
  5. It make it easy to change your password

If you’ve already downloaded our SSO tool, it will automatically upgrade to add Office 2013 support. If you don’t have this tool installed yet, you can download it in Intermedia’s My Services portal. (Just log in using your regular Intermedia credentials. Then click “downloads and instructions”.)

Need help installing? Read our desktop Single Sign-On tool knowledge base article.

(Note to partners: this tool will be available to you on Feb 5.)

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