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Two new HostPilot enhancements: Password Policies & Account Balance

If you’re an Intermedia customer or partner, you just received our latest Release Notes with a number of interesting enhancements to our services. There are two I’d like to spotlight here.

Custom password policies for admins


To give you even more control over your company’s security, HostPilot now lets you set up custom password policies for the admins on your account. There are a number of parameters that you can control:

  • Password complexity, including capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols
  • Minimum password length
  • Number of unsuccessful login attempts before the account is locked
  • Time interval before a locked account contact is unlocked
  • Password expiration period. (When a password expires, the user will be redirected to a new “Reset Password” page.)

When a custom password policy is enabled, all account contacts will be forced to change their passwords when they sign in. This ensures all passwords are in compliance with the new policies.

Also—if you want to give your admins (or your users) guidance about secure passwords, here’s a recent article with a few really good password tips.

New account balance and transaction details pages

We’ve added a number of great features to help both customers and partners better understand and manage your bills from Intermedia. Here’s what you’ll now see:


New features include:

  • The totals for Service Charges and Payments are automatically calculated.
  • We’ve broken the transaction list into pages to make it easier to review your transactions
  • Transactions can be exported to the .csv format for easier printing and analyzing
  • The Current Balance is now more prominent
  • You can print the transaction details page (both for charges and payments)
  • Transaction details can still contain attachments (for example, voice transactions will now contain downloadable invoices)
  • Partners can now calculate upcoming monthly charges for end-users
  • Partners can filter by username and account ID to review transactions for a specific account

If you want help using these features or any other element of HostPilot, doesn’t hesitate to contact Intemedia’s technical support.

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