Why SecuriSync, Part I: Full Text Search

At Intermedia, we focus on the real file-sharing concerns and scenarios of our customers and built a world-class file-sharing solution, SecuriSync. This blog series will dive into top scenarios and questions you should consider when evaluating which file-sharing service is best for you and your business.

SecuriSync file sync and sharing for your business

We are in a new age of information. Items like documents, photos and bills are going digital.  And that means we need an easy way to store and use our content.

Usually people turn to file-sharing tools like Dropbox or Facebook. If I’m just posting photos or storing files for my own use, that’s fine. But what happens when I need to share files and collaborate with others? Business users need more robust features than are offered by social media sites and most file-sharing tools. One of those key features is the ability for me to quickly and easily find the exact file I need. Luckily for me, SecuriSync has Full Text Search.

Full Text Search

Sharing is second nature to me in my personal and professional world, and I find myself sending and syncing more and more information. With all this file sharing, I need to be able to easily access what I was looking for.

Some file-sharing products make searching for specific content difficult, but SecuriSync makes it easy to search for files across synced folders. Some solutions only let you search files by title, but what if you don’t remember what the file is called? SecuriSync lets you search across file title, file body, and filter by date modified and size. This makes my life easier, because I know that if I need to recall a big report for a surprise visit from upper management, I can get it using Full Text Search.

Full Text Search is familiar and easy to use.

SecuriSync has the ability to execute fully indexed text search across your entire SecuriSync environment – desktop, mobile, and the web. You simply search for words and phrases for files, folders, file content or file types. You can even add a search filter like Date modified, and file size.

SecuriSync full text search

You can quickly find the information you need, wherever it resides, with high reliability and security. SecuriSync full text search reassures me that no matter how many files I upload, I know I can find the exact content I’m looking for.

In part two of this series we will explore Selective Sync…


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