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Outbound email protection: because your outbox needs guarding, too

I find that it’s pretty easy to talk to people about protecting their email from outside threats. That’s because people know what spam, viruses, malware and phishing can do to their personal and business email.

But when I talk about protecting email against INSIDE threats, people start to scratch their heads. And that makes me nervous. Because your business needs outbound protection, too.

Bad stuff going out? Why worry about that?

Think about what happens when a virus attacks your computer. Usually, it tries to propagate itself. That means hijacking your email and sending virus-tainted messages out to your contacts list.  Haven’t we all gotten weird messages from friends, only to find out that their email account has been infected?

Imagine this happening to your business email. Virus-infected emails going out to your partners and customers can be a big problem. Your reputation is on the line.

But wait — it’s not just viruses that should make you worry about outbound email. Because what if an employee accidentally emails out sensitive information (credit card numbers, social security numbers…)? Or worse, what if an employee DELIBERATELY does so? Suddenly you’re looking at a HIPAA violation, exposure of company secrets, or worse.

It could cost your business money. It could lose the trust of your customers. It could even lead to litigation.

Protect your business from outbound threats

McAfee Data Loss PreventionIntermedia recently added McAfee Data Loss Prevention as an add-on to our hosted Exchange service to protect your outbound email. It stops outgoing spam and viruses. More importantly, it recognizes sensitive data and prevents it from leaving your users’ outboxes.

If you’re worried about what users are accidentally or deliberately sending, you need this service. It lets you:

  • Screen all outbound emails and attachments for viruses and malware
  • Filter outbound emails for sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more
  • Scan more than 300 attachment types to make sure sensitive documents aren’t getting into the wrong mailbox
  • And more

outbound Exchange email protection from mcafee

Two great add-ons for the price of one

When you deploy McAfee Data Loss Prevention, you get a bonus: Intermedia gives you McAfee Email Continuity for free. This service is a great complement to your business continuity plan, because it gives you redundant email access for peace-of-mind beyond Intermedia’s already impressive 99.999% SLA.

Want to learn more? Check out our datasheets forMcAfee Email Data Loss Prevention (and for McAfee Email Continuity). Or call us at 800.379.7729 — because if your outbox isn’t protected today, it should be.

(If you’re an existing customer, ask your account manager about our schedule for moving you over to our McAfee Email Protection service. You’ll get information about free migration soon.)

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Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia