Published on Yahoo: 6 Reasons Why Dropbox Isn’t Secure Enough for Business

Josh Topal is our product marketing manager for SecuriSync. He was recently asked by the website Business 2 Community to write about a subject near and dear to his heart: how, when it comes to security for business users, Dropbox falls short.

Not only has his article gotten a lot of response, it was even picked up for syndication by Yahoo.

We encourage you to give the article a read. Here are the six key takeaways as to whet your appetite:

  1. IT has no control or visibility.
  2. Users can’t set granular permissions.
  3. Data encryption is limited.
  4. You can’t set different sharing permissions for sub-folders.
  5. You can’t share password-protected web links.
  6. You can’t lock files for collaborative editing.

Give it a read on Business 2 Community or on Yahoo.

article about dropbox security weaknesses



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