Introducing McAfee Email Continuity: because you ALWAYS need to plan

Intermedia offers an uptime SLA of 99.999% for its services. This means that we promise downtime of less than 6 minutes per year, and we back that promise financially.

We’re very proud of this. But at the same time, we encourage every one of our clients to think about that other .001%. That’s because good business continuity planning means adding redundancy to EVERY single point of failure, no matter how reliable it is for you.

Add peace-of-mind beyond our 99.999% SLA

McAfee Email Continuity keeps your email up and runningTo help our customers close the loop on their email continuity planning, we offer McAfee Email Continuity. This service assures that your employees can access their email at any time, even if they can’t connect to their Exchange server.

The way it works is both simple and pretty cool. With our McAfee Email Defense service, your mail is passing through McAfee’s servers before continuing on to ours. McAfee Email Continuity lets you benefit from this routing pattern to ease your business continuity planning.

Here’s how: in the unlikely event that you can’t access your Exchange mailbox, you can instead send and receive mail through McAfee’s email portal. They’ve built a fully functional webmail portal as a fail-safe — which is exactly what proper business continuity planning calls for.

Once connection to the Exchange server is restored, all of your activity syncs to Intermedia’s servers and your inbox.

With McAfee Email Continuity, you get:

  • A web portal within McAfee’s cloud for sending and receiving email
  • Redundant administrator tools for managing email policies and activity
  • Full syncing of Exchange activities when the connection to the Exchange server is restored

email continuity for hosted exchange

Deploy email continuity and receive data loss protection, too!

When you deploy McAfee Email Continuity, Intermedia bundles the service with our McAfee Email Data Loss Protection service. This service lets you filter outgoing email to intercept sensitive or malicious content.

Want to learn more? Check out our datasheets for McAfee Email Continuity andMcAfee Email Data Loss Prevention. Or call us at 800.379.7729. Because email continuity is like life insurance — you never want to use it, but you’ll be glad that you have it.

(If you’re an existing customer, ask your account manager about our schedule for moving you over to our McAfee Email Protection service. We’re doing this for all our customers, free of charge.)

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Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia