Are you suffering from file server headaches? Read this.

As Intermedia’s product marketing manager for SecuriSync, I am constantly asking customers what they currently use to share files within their business. And here’s a pattern I’ve spotted: whenever someone answers with a deep sigh, I know that they’re using a file server.

The sound of a thousand customers groaning inspired me to write an article for Business2Community. In it, I identified the top five reasons that file servers are such a source of consternation for business. They are:

  1. File servers are high-cost and low-agility.
  2. You get no uptime guarantees.
  3. File servers aren’t made for a mobile workforce.
  4. Sharing files externally is complicated, if it’s possible at all.
  5. Collaborating on files is tricky.

If you’re suffering from the headache of file servers, you’re not alone. Give my article a read. And then take a look at SecuriSync. It solves the number one reason businesses tend to stick with file servers: control. (The one thing file servers have going for them is that access is strictly managed.) Only SecuriSync offers file sync and sharing combined with business-grade security and control.

Read my article on Business2Community.

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