Environment Control replaced paper with SecuriSync. Read what happened next.

securisync case study environment controlFor over 30 years, Tucson-area businesses have been clean and beautiful for one reason: Environment Control. This company maintains over 250 properties. And this is an extremely complex task, because their property care requirements are changing.

And this constant change was creating a challenge. If an Environment Control employee started the day’s work with the wrong file, they might not deliver the results the customer expected.
The company had tried everything to keep their employees up-to-date—email, USB drives, even good-old-fashioned printouts. But it wasn’t efficient. Worse, it created tremendous version control problems and incredible manual labor to keep everything managed and maintained.

File syncing and sharing could help. Environment Control’s sales and operations manager Brandon Ingram was considering a service like Dropbox.

Except for one problem: Dropbox didn’t offer the control over access that he need. He was in trouble.

Until he discovered SecuriSync.

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