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2015: The Year of Data Backup and Storage

Businesses need protection. Protection against hard drive crashes, lost computers and stolen devices…to name a few.

Did you make it out of 2014 without losing data from a hard drive failure or computer accident? Research shows that 22% of hard drives won’t even last four years.

How will you be safeguarding your data in the new year?

Gain some peace of mind in 2015

You could stick with your outdated tape back-ups or choose to continually invest in new hard drives – but then you’d miss out on the benefits of moving to the cloud.

With cloud based data storage and backup, you skip the high upfront costs of purchasing and installing data backup hardware and software,  as well as the staff and resources needed to maintain and update these systems.

Cloud backups provide a complete, worry-free solution that constantly updates at a flat monthly rate. The benefits go beyond protection against data loss. Cloud-based storage solutions let you do more with your data with file sync and share features that facilitate collaboration while enabling you to securely access your data almost anywhere from virtually any device.

Store and share your files with SecuriSync

SecuriSync is a robust file sync and share tool that facilitates data backup while having the added benefits of file sharing and collaboration. Imagine never having to worry about where you saved your file, or if you have the latest version of a file. SecuriSync provides businesses with modern data storage known as file syncing.  Files and folders synced to SecuriSync are immediately backed up and made available on virtually any computer and device.

Once data is synced, users can share a file or folder with a simple click. They can even collaborate on documents right within Microsoft Office. SecuriSync users can share and collaborate on files and folders with anyone inside or outside the company, regardless of location.

Make 2015 the year of data storage and backup. Learn more about SecuriSync.


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