Collaboration and file backup make SecuriSync the ideal file solution for Kinetic

Kinetic Advisors is a national firm that provides strategic advice and deploys capital to middle market companies. The firm also seeks direct investments in unique growth opportunities.

Kinetic had been using Intermedia’s Hosted Exchange services since the firm’s formation in 2007. And the firm also required a file collaboration solution, but at the time opted to use the services of a vendor recommended by its IT contractor.

Some file collaboration services are better than others

With offices around the country, Kinetic Advisors needed a file collaboration solution that would let employees work together on important documents regardless of location and even while traveling. And with teams working around the clock on highly time-sensitive projects, they also needed a solution that provides enterprise-class reliability and highly available support. The solution recommended by their IT contractor just wasn’t reliable enough.

More than just file sync and share

Kinetic was also looking for a tool that had enterprise-class backup and security for sensitive files, especially financial documents. They didn’t want to rely on a file server in a closet.

Could SecuriSync® be the answer to their needs? Read our case study to find out.



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