Intermedia releases its inaugural IT Confidence Index

New report reveals top IT confidence shakers

Given the critical role that IT plays in underpinning business today, it’s important for business leaders to have a clear understanding of their IT teams’ needs. Simply put, the effectiveness of IT has a direct impact on a company’s overall performance and exposure to risk.

Let’s say you are about to get on an airline flight. Would you feel comfortable boarding the airplane if the pilot rated his confidence in the plane’s airworthiness as a 7.2/10? I wouldn’t either.

That’s exactly why the results of Intermedia’s inaugural IT Confidence Index are so worrisome. We measured the IT confidence levels of 350 IT decision makers on a 10-point scale where zero represents “not confident at all” and 10 represents “extremely confident”.

What we found is that inadequate investments in infrastructure, IT complexities, and a barrage of security threats are translating into only modest confidence levels among IT decision makers – with an overall Confidence Score of 7.2/10. Findings also showed that it was the smaller companies (fewer than 50 employees) that were struggling the most trying to protect and support their organizations.

So what are some of the biggest takeaways?

  1. Cyber threats are taking a toll on confidence: Relative to security threats, IT was least confident in their organization’s ability to prevent, withstand or stop ransomware, botnets, and DDoS Attacks.
  2. IT investments are inadequate for current and future business needs: Infrastructure spending received the lowest Confidence Score of any category at 6.5 which indicates that companies may not be investing enough.
  3. Cloud applications have overtaken on-premises applications: On average, 56% of internal IT applications currently run in the cloud. 37% of ITDMs expected to increase this number over the next six months.
  4. MSPs and VARs need to adapt to the cloud: 33% of ITDMs felt that IT consultants were too hardware focused, and 24% felt that IT consultants weren’t putting enough emphasis on cloud solutions. Further, the uncertainty that SMBs express presents as an opportunity for partners equipped to help.

Be sure to read our full report for further insights.

These results suggest that organizations may be more exposed than leaders realize, so it’s important to act now. Have concerns about your own IT? Contact us at 800-379-7729.

Partners: want 10 ways that you can take action against these report findings? Check out our IT Confidence Toolkit for Partners.

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