CRN’s Channel Madness Tournament: Vote for Intermedia’s CRO, Eric Martorano

For the past several years, CRN has been holding a fun competition to celebrate March Madness where they ask readers to vote on head-to-head matchups between some of the industry’s most influential channel executives.

They start with 32 executives in their Tournament of Most Influential Channel Chiefs and narrow it down to one overall winner.

Eric Martorano made it to the final eight last year – let’s aim higher!

As you might recall from last year, our CRO, Eric Martorano, respectably made it to the final eight. This year, we won’t rest until we take the whole thing!

But we need your help!

We won Round 1 with 72% of the vote, and Round 2 with 62%. In Round 3, Eric is up against Kevin Rooney of Veeam.

A few important things to note:

  • Voting is UNLIMITED and open to anyone
  • Use the tag #CRNChannelMadness on Twitter when promoting

Update: We are so proud of Eric’s impressive run in this competition. Round 3 was a close call, and Intermedia did not end up advancing to the 4th Channel Madness Round. Best of luck to the remaining contestants!

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Melanie Lombardi is Intermedia's Director of Communications.