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Introducing…Your New Intermedia Unite™ Auto Attendant

At Intermedia, we listen to customers closely – and take product suggestions seriously.  When asked about Intermedia’s auto attendant feature, administrators said that it worked really well on the customer side. That was the good news. But, they also told us that they were spending too much time setting it up, and it was taking too long to make changes. Another thing we kept hearing about was that the auto attendant had too few menus. So, we got to work.

The latest iteration of the Intermedia Unite Auto Attendant, rolling out to all of our customers over the next couple of months, was built on a brand-new platform. It has several enhancements that make it easier to use and make it more powerful than ever before.

  1. Better performance. The back-end of the Auto Attendant has been completely redeveloped with much faster performance, better features, and the ability to add even more exciting enhancements in the future. Administrators will notice that changes take far less processing time than before.
  2. More intuitive. With a new visual weekly schedule view, administrators can now see which set of greetings and routing instructions will be active at any particular time. For instance, you can clearly see that working hours routing instructions are in effect from 9 to 6, with lunch instructions from 12 until 1.
  3. More flexible. We’ve added the ability to add even more No longer just for business hours – you can now add menu options for things like inclement weather, lunch, or special events. With drag-and-drop prioritization, you decide which menus take the highest precedence, and you’ll see those changes reflected immediately on the accompanying calendar.

We hope you are happy with the changes we’ve made to the auto attendant. If you have any feedback you would like to share, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

About Jason Shepard

Jason Shepard is the Product Marketing Manager for Channel for Intermedia's Unified Communications as a Service solution, Intermedia Unite.