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Partner case study: Technology & Beyond delivers “intensely agile” cloud IT services

Midlothian, TX, is known as the “Southern Star” of the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area. And it’s home to Technology and Beyond (T&B), a managed service provider and Intermedia partner.


Technology and Beyond originally started as a break-fix service shop in 2001. Business was good. However, even though they were successful, it wasn’t the kind of business they wanted. Break-fix is reactive by its nature: customers only call when they have a problem, and they aren’t interested in a relationship beyond the fix.

To build on their success, Mike Maendler, President of Technology and Beyond realized that he needed to take a more proactive approach to client services:

“From the beginning, our goal has always been to deliver the highest level of service and to make technology as simple to use as possible. This led us to begin using technology as a tool to manage and monitor our customers’ infrastructure. And this in turn led us to slowly transform ourselves from a IT project-based company into a managed service provider.”

Technology & Beyond needed a partner that could deliver ‘intense IT agility’

Technology and Beyond knew they had the right people and the right skills internally. What they needed was the right technology partner: a cloud provider that could scale and adapt to both their customers’ needs as well as the way they did business. In essence, they were looking for “intense IT agility.”

The right partner needed to have goals that were similar to their own:

  • Customer service
  • Excellence
  • The ability to meed and exceed customers’ growing demands

In order to meet this standard, the partner would have to deliver reliability, ease of use and world-class support while still giving Technology & Beyond the control they needed to manage their customers in real-time.

“We struggled to find the right companies to work with,” said Maendler. “They needed to share our values and deliver the level of service our clients expect. And I have to admit, we had some early missteps.”

Technology and Beyond tried multiple hosted Exchange providers. Their experiences were so poor that they almost decided not to sell other hosted services link VoIP. That’s until they discovered Intermedia.

Could Intermedia give Technology and Beyond the “intense IT agility” they needed to succeed and grow? Read the full case study to find out.


About The Intermedia Team

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