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5 key insights from Intermedia’s 2015 SMB Mobile Trends Report

We’re living in an increasingly mobile world.

It wasn’t too long ago that business mobility was dominated by BlackBerry. In recent years, however, the number of mobile players in the market has grown rapidly. While BlackBerry once dominated corporate IT, we now see them struggle to compete with iOS and Android proliferation.

The shake-up in the mobile market has created tremendous opportunities for development and growth. But is your business prepared to capitalize on these opportunities?

Here at Intermedia, we like to keep an eye on the mobile trends impacting today’s workforce. That’s why we published our 2015 SMB Mobile Trends Report – to help businesses prepare to take advantage of this evolving mobile landscape.

Our CTO, Jonathan Levine recently sat down with IT Best of Breed to offer key insights from our recent report. Here are just a few excerpts from his interview:

On Android vs. iOS devices: Apple is really nice from the point of view of an app developer or IT administrator,” said Levine. “Android operates on various devices that are similar but don’t always work the same way. Android devices are radically different and that makes it harder for IT administrators to keep up.”

On BlackBerry’s struggle for SMBs: “One of the bigger issues BlackBerry had was that they were slow to the app game,” said Levine. “They diluted their focus while trying to fix that and ended up making a play for the consumer market. We’re seeing a similar problem with Windows Phone. I think the other issue was that, while the BlackBerry messenger was a killer app, the rise of enterprise chat apps on the business side and personal chat apps on the consumer side really sucked the oxygen out of BlackBerry.”

On Samsung’s prominence in the Android market: “I think if administrators are looking for one Android device to support, it would be Samsung,” said Levine. “By supporting Apple and Samsung, you’re getting 85 percent of the market.”

Read the full article from IT Best of Breed for more on the mobile market, including 5 insights from Intermedia’s Mobile Trends Report




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