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5 ways single sign-on make employees and IT more productive

I remember how it was just a few years ago: anything we wanted on our computers, we could find it in the “Start” menu.

Now, everything is in the cloud, and accessed through our browser.

And I see both good and bad with this change.  The good is, of course, the flexibility and power of all these cloud apps. The bad is having to remember all those logins and passwords—which doesn’t just frustrate employees, but also frustrates IT people who have to field call after call

And it’s not just the employees who get frustrated. Think of all the IT admins out there who are dealing with call after call for password resets.

The solution that solves the problem for both employees and IT is a single sign-on (SSO) service. For employees, it essentially recreates the glory days of the “Start” menu: it gives them a single point of access to all their apps. And there’s just one remember one password!

That’s just the beginning. There are actually 5 ways SSO can increase productivity for both employees and IT:

  1. Centralize access to every app. No more hunting for login URLs or password.
  2. Reduce help desk calls. Users can provision their own apps, reset their passwords and more—all without help from IT.
  3. Give users easy access to favorites. Users can build a row of “favorite” apps that appear at the top of their AppID portal.
  4. Allow access on any computer. Employees can access their AppID portal from any browser without introducing any additional security risks.
  5. Offer cloud app access on mobile devices. Employees can use their iOS or Android devices to access the same AppID portal that they use on their PCs.

Intermedia really believes in the power and benefit of SSO. That’s why we offer Intermedia AppID as both a standalone service as well as part of our Office in the Cloud suite of services.

If you’re already an Intermedia customer, you can enable AppID for all your users with just a few clicks in the HostPilot control panel. And you can start using it for free! Ask your Account Manager for details — call (800) 379-7729.

About Carles Cabre

Carles Cabre is Intermedia's head of product marketing for SecuriSync and our Analyst Relations manager.