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7 ways that financial services firms use Intermedia products

With the specter of hacking constantly in the news, I recently met with some of our customers in the financial services industry. I wanted to get their feedback on how their teams use different Intermedia services to stay productive while maintaining their vigilance for security and protection.

This was a fairly diverse group. It included investment banking, private equity and venture capital firms.

And while these customers were all extremely specialized, I learned that their experiences could be mapped to other businesses both inside and outside of the financial sphere.

In fact—any company that’s regulated or that has to maintain higher levels of security and data retention for compliance purposes can learn from how these companies use Intermedia solutions.

I want to share with you the top 7 ways that financial services firms are using Intermedia applications:

  1. Our Email Archiving service supports data retention compliance and protects correspondence for litigation
  2. Our Encrypted Email services offers protection when sharing sensitive documents (term sheets, NDAs, etc) with clients
  3. With SecuriSync, they’re creating “private data room” capabilities for secure file sharing of due diligence, PIBs and other research projects
  4. They’re also using SecuriSync tocollaborate securely on important documents such as pitchbooks, term sheets and board presentations
  5. They rely on our mobility features for mobile access to all documents from tablets and smartphones
  6. With AppID, they’ve got secure and easy access to frequently used web apps, such as Capital IQ, Mattermark and Fact Set, without having to remember complex passwords
  7. Finally, they’re also using Lync for desktop sharing to collaborate on time-sensitive projects

A number of our financial customers get all these services with our Compliance and Security plan, which provides a bundled discount for a number of the services that are essential for balancing productivity with protection.

One thing that was clear to me from these interviews: not only do the users appreciate the functionality delivered by these services, but the admins appreciate the fact that there’s just one bill, one relationship to maintain, one support number, and one central control panel to manage all their users, devices and services.

Learn more about Intermedia’s solutions for financial services firms.

About Craig Woods

Craig Woods is the Director of Product Marketing for Industry Solutions at Intermedia.