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Announcing four big enhancements to our partner program

Our industry-leading partner program already stands apart from the competition. That’s because we offer partners unbeatable margins, a best-of-breed partner portal and premier sales, marketing, migration and technical support.

It’s also because—as our brand new Partner Pledge video shows—there’s no company that’s more committed to the success of the channel.

Here’s how this pledge translates into action: we’re announcing four great enhancements to our partner program that make it even easier for you to profit as an Intermedia partner.

1. Increased Advisor commissions (for the second time in 4 months!)

This increase adds a generous one-time commission of 2X Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for all data services sold under the Advisor model. In addition, for a special introductory period, Intermedia is boosting that one-time commission to 3X MRR.

    • Data services include hosted Exchange, SecuriSync, Intermedia AppID and over a dozen others.
    • This is in addition to the 8% recurring commission already in place for data services.
    • For example: A partner who sells a 50-seat account worth $500 in monthly recurring revenue would earn 1) a one-time $1,500 commission plus 2) an additional 8% commission every month for the life of the account. First year earnings would total nearly $2,000—which amounts to a 33% margin.
    • This increase comes on top of March’s increases, which raised voice commissions by 66%, data commissions by 33%, and added a $100 payout (3.33X MRR) to every Hosted PBX line sold.
Service type One-time commission* Recurring commission
Hosted PBX $100 per line
(3.33X MRR)
Data 2X 3X MRR 8%

* 3X one-time data commission and 3.33X ($100/voice line) are available for a limited time only. Initial payout for both data and voice will start 3 months following service enablement.

2. Extended Not-for-Resale program

It’s much easier to sell a product you use yourself. That’s why Intermedia is opening its Not -For-Resale (NFR) program to Advisors in addition to Private Label partners. What’s more, we’re making more services available under NFR. Some services—such as SecuriSync and Intermedia AppID—are now free.

  • This program extension makes it much easier for Advisors to discover—and sell—services like Hosted PBX, SecuriSync and Intermedia AppID.
  • This allows all partners to experiment with using Intermedia services which makes selling that much easier. The most successful Intermedia partners are using Intermedia services internally.
  • Partners get up to 50% off of retail pricing and SecuriSync and AppID free of charge.
  • In order to use NFR services, partners are required to generate net new monthly recurring revenue of just $250 every 6 months.

3. One month free for new customer accounts on Private Label deals

To mark the wide-ranging enhancements to our partner program, every new account sold via our Private Label model comes with one month free for a limited time. Partners can choose to pass the discount or add it to their bottom line.

4. A company-wide “no-compete” pledge backed by stringent policies and incentives

Intermedia has doubled down on its commitment to avoid channel conflict by introducing more stringent policies. If a partner informs Intermedia that it’s pursuing one of their deals, Intermedia will back off immediately. Intermedia is building deal registration systems to mitigate this issue proactively and incentives for our employees to pass opportunities to partners.


Plus: even more enhancements coming soon.

Intermedia also announces plans to develop a new referral model for partnership and a lead exchange program to drive more business to qualified partners.

1) Creating a lead exchange program

Many customers need one-on-one attention, or on-site assistance, or wider IT outsourcing needs than Intermedia can provide. For these customers, Intermedia will pass them to partners.

2) Adding a Referral model for partnership

With its new Referral model, Intermedia will compensate partners for simply passing a lead that becomes a sale. Unlike its Advisor model, partners don’t need to take the lead on closing the deals.

Details on these additional programs will be announced in the coming months.


Advisor? Private Label? What’s the difference?

We put together this table for a quick-and-easy comparison between our two models for partnership. Don’t forget: you can choose your model on a customer-by-customer basis.

Model privatelabel advisor
This model is perfect for…

MSPs and VARs

IT consultants, telcom agents and smaller resellers

What does it cost you?


There are no minimum commitments.
There’s no cost to become a partner.

Who owns the customer relationship?

You do.

You retain full ownership of billing, branding, bundling and every other element of your customer relationship.

We both do.

You leverage our brand, billing and support, but we won’t actively market to your customers.

How do you sell?

You close the deal.

We’ll provide brandable marketing materials and expert, behind-the-scenes sales assistance to help you every step of the way.

You close the deal.

We’ll provide co-brandable marketing materials and expert sales assistance to help you every step of the way.

How do you make money?

You set your margins.

We bill you for a wholesale price. You bill your customer at a price you determine.

You get ongoing commissions.

Your customer pays our retail prices. We give you a one-time and recurring commission.

Who provides technical support?

You do. (And
we’ll support you.)

You’ll provide support for your customers. We’ll back you up with 24/7 phone and chat support. We answer our phones in less than 60 seconds.

We do.

Our support experts will be here for your customers 24/7.

Learn more about Intermedia’s industry leading partner program. Or contact our partner sales team at (888) 299-2522.

For the latest channel news, follow us on @Sell_Intermedia.

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia