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New SecuriSync features: distribution list sharing, external folder share and more!

We are excited to announce new features for SecuriSync. Our enterprise-grade file sync and share service just got even more, uh, enterprise-grade-y.

Quick group sharing

securisync group sharingInside Intermedia, we use SecuriSync to share files with large groups. But up until today, we’ve had to enter the name of every recipient manually. Which sometimes meant we’d forget somebody. (And nobody likes to feel left out.)

Now, thanks to the deep integration we’re unveiling between SecuriSync and Exchange, we are quickly and easily sharing with large groups using our existing Exchange Distribution Lists.

And as of now, you can, too. To share a group with everyone on your sales team, for example, just input your sales distribution list address.  ( or whatever it might be.)

group sharing for securisync

Boom. Instant sharing with a large group, with nobody left out and no hurt feelings.

By the way—Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive don’t support group sharing. Box supports it, but only if you’re paying $35 a month. SecuriSync lets you simply share with groups at no additional cost. And SecuriSync is free with every Office in the Cloud plan.


Simple external sharing

securisync external sharingWe also use SecuriSync to share and collaborate with external users like vendors, customers or partners. People who aren’t part of our company. SecuriSync has always made it easy to share files with them. But for folders—well, up until now, we’ve had to get IT approval for each external collaborator. It’s been a pain.

But the pain is over. Now SecuriSync lets you share folders with external users just like you do with internal ones. All you do is just enter their full email address in the sharing dialog box.

External users don’t have to install the SecuriSync apps on their devices. Their notification arrives in email, and they can access all their synced files via the web.

external sharing for securisync 

Worried about security and control? Don’t be. External sharing is protected by the same comprehensive control features—including audit logs, approval settings and granular control over access and permissions.

External sharing is now enabled by default. If you’re an administrator, you can manage your external sharing settings in HostPilot. You can also get more information in our admin guide.


Windows Phone App

securisync-for-windows-phone-8file sync and share windows phone

Windows Phone is here! The SecuriSync family of apps—which already includes iOS, Android, Kindle and Blackberry devices—is happy to see you finally arrive.

SecuriSync for Windows Phone lets you navigate through shared folders, view files and search your SecuriSync content. Just like with all our mobile apps, admins remain in control with features that include mobile security and management, audit logs and remote wipe.

Want to learn more about SecuriSync’s full feature set? Watch the videos on our SecuriSync website.




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