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Another 2-minute webinar clip: more secrets to a safe and secure email migration

Some business email providers gloss over the importance of migration. I’ve done competitive shopping with them. I’ve had their reps tell me over the phone that “migration is a breeze” and “we can worry about it later”, presumably after I sign the contract.

So here’s my advice to people looking for email providers: if they trivialize migration, you should be very worried.

That’s because migration involves many moving parts and creates a huge potential for downtime and data loss. It can’t be an afterthought.

And with Intermedia, it’s not. At a recent webinar, the leader of our Cloud Concierge team described more of our secrets to safe and secure Exchange migration.

email migration secure no downtime
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Intermedia’s Cloud Concierge team has performed more than 500,000 mailbox migrations since 2010. We’ve been performing email migrations for almost 15 years. And we’ve developed a 3-phased approach that assures a painless migration with no downtime. Learn more about Intermedia’s worry-free email migration service.

Read part I of our secrets to a safe and secure migration.

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Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia