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Partners: Bring your customers better call quality with “VoIP Scout” network testing solution

Offering VoIP service to your customers can be a tricky prospect.  How do you know that their network can support VoIP? With most providers, you don’t — until you install the system and test it out. By that time, you’ve gotten your customer’s hopes up and spent time and energy setting up the service only to have to break the bad news that their network can’t support it. But what if I told you there was a way you could run a full system simulation BEFORE you plug in even one phone?

Save time and money with VoIP Scout network testing

Now, as an Intermedia reseller, you can use our new VoIP Scout network testing solution to conduct extensive self-service tests of your customers’ data networks. You’ll be able to simulate, over 3-5 business days, the potential load the VoIP services could put on the network.

With a test this extensive, you’ll inspire confidence in even the wariest customers. And you’ll be able to proactively address network issues that could prevent high-quality VoIP service.

Here’s what one reseller says about Intermedia Hosted PBX and the new VoIP Scout test:

“VoIP Scout puts partners in the driver’s seat, giving us the ability to take a more consultative approach in managing our customers’ infrastructure,” said Clayton Oswald, president of Northwest Cloud Consulting. “It makes Hosted PBX easier to track and faster to sell because we know from the onset how it’s going to perform, and customers can see exactly what they’re paying for.  We’ve used it multiple times now, and each time it’s worked flawlessly.”

Increase customer satisfaction with aggressive network testing

As you know, poor network performance can dramatically degrade voice quality. When we designed the VoIP Scout, we found that 3 days is the minimum period necessary to spot periods of congestion—such as scheduled daily file backups. Anything shorter may not capture the full picture of your customer’s experience.

During the testing process, VoIP Scout will capture and analyze key metrics from the simulated calls and provide you with periodic updates on key milestones via the VoIP Scout management portal.  Once the test is done, you’ll get a notification with a pass or fail grade and be able to view and evaluate detailed graphical results.

Get a complete testing package

Intermedia’s VoIP Scout consists of three core components:

1) The VoIP Scout Appliance for running tests via dedicated hardware (ideal for locations with no available PCs and/or dedicated voice networks)

VoIP scout appliance VSA

The VoIP Scout Soft Client for running tests via on-site computer.



The VoIP Scout Management Portal for scheduling, reviewing and managing network tests.

Our VoIP Scout Soft Client and Management Portal are available free for all Intermedia partners as a download from the Partner Portal. And we offer the VoIP Scout Appliance at an affordable price.

Close VoIP deals faster

VoIP Scout helps you alleviate the potential for a poor customer experience and saves you the additional cost of emergency post-sale troubleshooting, which can damage the customer relationship. As Michael Gold, president of Intermedia, says:

“As a leading proponent of network testing, Intermedia is committed to helping our partners deliver extremely high-quality phone service to their customers. VoIP Scout gives our partners the freedom to focus on closing the sale, because they know their customer’s network can reliably support VoIP service.”

And as an Intermedia partner, you get extensive support throughout the entire sales cycle. Just call our VIP Desk for any questions, from deploying VoIP Scout to interpreting test results.

For more information on Intermedia’s voice services (including VoIP Scout) visit our website, or swing by Booth 957 during the 2015 Channel Partners Conference to learn more.

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia