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HIPAA audits highlight need for BAAs

OCR Phase 2 HIPAA audit programs highlight cloud services and MSP business associates The Office for Civil Rights (OCR), part of t [...]

Quick Tips: Recovering deleted emails

In this issue of Quick Tips, Phill Lewis offers assistance with recovering accidentally deleted emails. Read other posts in this o [...]

Reseller partners often ask me for guidance on how they should price Intermedia’s services.  For partners selling under Interme [...]

Another post in our Quick Tips series, offering helpful tips for getting the most out of your Intermedia services. This edition ta [...]

Introducing Quick Tips: helpful tips from our Support and Product experts for getting the most out of your cloud services. Each in [...]

I see news reports everyday about ransomware attacking businesses right and left. Some reports blame hackers seeking money, others [...]

What is a PTR record? Do I need one?

One of the questions I get asked during email migrations is "What is a PTR record? Do I need one?" The answer to the second questi [...]

Now healthcare, financial services and legal services customers can more easily encrypt sensitive data Regulations such as HIPAA, [...]

Do you have an administrative assistant? Do you need to give someone else the ability to send email out or arrange meetings for yo [...]

I just read this Security Intelligence article by David Strom and was happy to see him discuss our 2015 Insider Risk Report. It's [...]

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