New report reveals top IT confidence shakers   Given the critical role that IT plays in underpinning business today, it [...]

HIPAA audits highlight need for BAAs

OCR Phase 2 HIPAA audit programs highlight cloud services and MSP business associates The Office for Civil Rights (OCR), part of t [...]

What MSPs should know about encryption and strong passwords as trusted advisors for healthcare providers The Office for Civil Rig [...]

In our fourth issue of our blog series on HIPAA compliance, we look at the major risk you might not consider when addressing HIPAA [...]

Bojan Dusevic can finally relax. The new real-time backup and restore features that he and his team have been working on are now l [...]

Now healthcare, financial services and legal services customers can more easily encrypt sensitive data Regulations such as HIPAA, [...]

HIPAA compliance isn't just for documents and email When I’m talking with our customers and partners about healthcare and HIPAA [...]

I can’t stress it highly enough: as a solution provider, you need to get onboard with the cloud because that’s where e [...]

Many of my friends work for companies that are suffering from growing pains...particularly when it comes to managing their IT infr [...]

The 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule changed everything for healthcare IT. It declared that any entity that "creates, receives, maint [...]

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