On-premises environments

With winter storm season upon us and areas of the country already impacted by disruptions like wildfires, floods, and hurricanes, [...]

Last week we announced that our partners can now sell Private Cloud deployments under our Private Label model. It's a great opport [...]

As Hurricane Matthew continues its assault on the Southeast and a storm system heads toward the Pacific Northwest, now is the time [...]

A notice went out to Comcast Voice customers about a widespread service outage. Comcast informed their customers that in order to [...]

File servers are many business' preferred method for file management. It makes sense because file servers are centralized resource [...]

Attention: AWS Customers...First, we brought you Dedicated Exchange on AWS. Built on a single-tenant cloud powered by AWS with pre [...]

Customer success story: Primitive Logic

With a highly dispersed workforce, Primitive Logic provides business strategy consulting and technology solutions to companies ar [...]

When I talk to companies about the importance of proper business continuity planning, I find that most businesses still rely on [...]

There was a huge power outage in Seattle yesterday. According to KOMO News, 60% of the downtown area was out of power for an hour. [...]

Business happens 24 hours a day. If your email is down or you can't access your files, you can't get work done. That's why so many [...]

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