Ransomware goes viral

We’ve reached a new milestone in the evolution of ransomware: attackers are giving incentives for sharing. The recently-discover [...]

Who do you collaborate on files with?  If you’re like me, you collaborate with team members, senior managers, cross-fun [...]

Intermedia becomes the only file management provider to combine real-time collaboration and file backup SecuriSync®, the market [...]

Ransomware continues to be a major disruption to businesses and users.  Last week, the government of Madison County in Indiana ha [...]

Reseller partners often ask me for guidance on how they should price Intermedia’s services.  For partners selling under Interme [...]

File servers are many business' preferred method for file management. It makes sense because file servers are centralized resource [...]

Don't believe anyone who tells you ransomware is a waning trend or that it's not a big deal and you shouldn't worry about it. Rece [...]

Is paying the ransom your only option?

With all the news about the increase of ransomware attacks in the media, it can seem like there's no strategy to dealing with the [...]

I was talking with Intermedia CTO Jonathan Levine the other day and he mentioned an article he wrote for SEEN magazine about the i [...]

SecuriSync wins a Stevie Award!

I am very excited to announce that SecuriSync® by Intermedia has won a Stevie Award. We were given the Bronze distinction within [...]

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