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Cloud Storage and the Goldilocks Principle. Check out our new report!

When it comes to getting things done, people tend to take the path of least resistance. The same can be said for sharing and syncing files. As a business user, I want a file sharing solution that’s quick and easy to use.

In fact, 68% of employees store work related files on personal storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Why? Because they’re easy.

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But just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it’s secure. This rogue file sharing has some serious security implications including data theft and compliance failures, to name a couple.

This can create a catch-22 for businesses. If your file sharing solution is too rigid, employees will opt for the consumer-grade alternatives.  So how do you strike the balance between ease of use and IT control?

Cloud storage and the Goldilocks Principle

We just published our new report, “Cloud Storage and the Goldilocks Principle” Goldilocks like the fairy tale? Sort of. The Goldilocks Principle states that life cannot exist at the extremes; in order to thrive, conditions need to be “just right.”

What does the Goldilocks Principle have to do with file sharing?

A “just right” storage solution gives employees the ease-of-use of a consumer-grade product, while giving businesses the security and control IT needs to stay protected.

Read our report to find your “just right” file sharing solution.

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