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Customize your cloud security with Private Cloud

I’ve been noticing lately that a growing number of CTOs and CIOs in enterprise organizations are choosing a private cloud model to get more customization and enhanced security when they move to the cloud.

This is especially true for enterprises operating in highly regulated industries or fast moving markets or, that have to handle highly sensitive customer data. And really, it makes a lot of sense. A private cloud (aka “single tenant” or “dedicated cloud”) is a cloud deployment that is custom built for and used by a single organization.

Is a private cloud more secure than a public cloud?

The promise of the private cloud is vast, allowing enterprises to improve flexibility and increase security. But does that automatically mean that a public cloud is less secure than a private cloud?

In the case of Intermedia, our Public and Private Clouds are equally secure. There is no difference at any level between both cloud offerings. However, since Private Cloud deployments are built to spec, they provide additional control and access. And a Private Cloud is highly customizable and adaptable. You can customize storage, hardware and networking components for a cloud that is a perfect fit for the specific needs of your organization.

How can you enhance your cloud security by using a dedicated cloud?

There are additional customizations you can make to a Private Cloud deployment to enhance your security. These customizations fall into three main categories:

  • Security customizations. With Intermedia’s Private Cloud, you can customize your cloud to accommodate requirements in network security, logging and security appliances. For example, you can provide backup PST replication to customer premises, custom DNS changes, or custom log retention. Many other options become available to you, since it’s your data, on your server.
  • Integration with security services. Private Cloud provides not only greater flexibility in terms of customization but also integration with some of your own infrastructure. These integrations can include backup, archiving, data loss prevention, encryption, and single sign-on, among many others.
  • Disaster Recovery with multiple data replication options. The concern over unexpected data availability failure can be a barrier for some enterprises to embrace the cloud. However, having a private cloud can enable continuous cross-site replication of your data and allow for an easier failover to another site, in the event that should become necessary.

Private Cloud is YOUR cloud. With Private Cloud, you can enhance your security and privacy because you have more control over data, applications and services. Additionally you can get more options for customization and the ability to integrate additional services,


For more information about how Private Cloud can enhance your security and privacy, download our whitepaper.

To learn more about Intermedia’s Private Cloud, visit our website and call us today for a free evaluation of your cloud and security needs at 1.800.379.7729.


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About Carles Cabre

Carles Cabre is Intermedia's head of product marketing for SecuriSync and our Analyst Relations manager.