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Discover the benefits of file sync and share with new SecuriSync videos

As a business user I need a way to share and collaborate on files, inside and outside of my company. SecuriSync from Intermedia keeps my files and folders in sync and backed up across my registered devices, and makes it simple to share those files with anyone.

But how does it work?

Using SecuriSync is simple. And we created several, quick new videos that walk you through how easy it is to share and collaborate on files with anyone, virtually anywhere using SecuriSync. The videos below show you the basics of SecuriSync and also walk you through some of our more advanced features like Admin File Management and user settings.

Get your files anywhere you go

Today’s workers are more mobile than ever. With SecuriSync, you can be productive while on-the-go.

Team sharing

Collaboration is the key to getting things done. SecuriSync makes it easy to share files with your team.

Share outside your company

Need to share files with partners and clients?  No problem.

User and settings management

Everyone’s more security-conscious these days, which is great. SecuriSync gives you control over who has access and what they can do.


With SecuriSync, collaboration on files has never been easier.

Admin File Management 

Looking for business-grade control over the files that are stored and shared by employees? SecuriSync’s Admin File Management feature gives you that control.

Selective Sync

Save hard drive space by syncing only the folders and files you’re currently working on.

Be sure to view all of our new animated SecuriSync videos.


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