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Do I need to archive? 4 common email archiving questions answered

Last weekend the battery on my MacBook swelled—and by swelled I mean near exploded. It had pushed the trackpad completely out of the case and the battery was totally dead.  I was concerned it was completely ruined and I panicked.  I had been “snoozing” alerts that it had been 434 days since my last backup because I had been too busy.  Now what was I going to do about ALL my data?

Too many companies know this experience all too well.  Only when employees leave the company or when important data gets “lost” does data preservation become top of mind.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Email Archiving makes data preservation easy, but do you know enough about it?  How do you know if it is right for your business?  Below are a few of the most common questions I hear about Email Archiving.

What do I do with my older backed-up data?  Can it go into the archive too?

Yes!  If you have data in an older backup or in another archive, we can ingest it for you—and it’s very easy. With our ingestion wizard, we walk you through the steps of identifying which data you need to ingest. For more detailed information, read our ingestion wizard blogAnd for a limited time* you get 3GB of data ingestion per mailbox for free!  

What’s the difference between backup and archiving?

While both should be implemented in parallel, they offer very different use cases.  Data backup is excellent for saving Outlook profiles and data temporally, but it doesn’t reduce the risks of data loss.  If an employee deletes a file before a backup runs, for example, that data is lost forever.

Intermedia’s Email Archiving is an encrypted data repository that captures 100% of emails.  It automatically preserves all emails in long term, tamper-proof storage—no emails can be deleted or altered, and they can be fully restored even if they were deleted locally.  And since there are no storage limitations you don’t have to worry about reaching data caps.

How long does it take to search the archive?

Typical searches return results within seconds—some in less than a second.  Because all data is indexed, when you run a query, it produces results very quickly.

Does Intermedia Email Archiving require Intermedia Hosted Exchange or can I use it with other hosted email services?

Intermedia Email Archiving can be used with other hosted email services as a standalone service.  So even if you aren’t yet ready to migrate to Intermedia for hosted Exchange, you can still take advantage of Intermedia’s Email Archiving solution.

Watch our recorded webinar on Email Archiving which includes a live demo here.

If you’re interested in protecting your intellectual property, learn more about Intermedia Email Archiving.  Or contact us, 800.379.7729—we’d be happy to answer any other questions you might have.  And don’t forget to mention our ingestion promotion!

**Data ingestion promotion ends Tuesday, June 30th 

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About Michelle Couture

Michelle is Director of Product Marketing for UCaaS and collaboration products at Intermedia.