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Enterprises want a flexible and secure cloud. 451 Research tells you how in our upcoming webinar.

I often hear people tout the superiority of private clouds to public clouds. And for many enterprises, a private cloud model makes sense.

“Private cloud offers to Enterprises many feature benefits over public, particularly with regards to the control and customization of security and privacy, and when correctly designed, these features don’t have to come at a premium,” says Owen Rogers from 451 Research.

But even if your private cloud isn’t costing a premium, it’s still an expense that you should weigh carefully. And we’re holding a webinar to help you do just that.

Watch our webinar with 451 Research

We’ve asked 451 Research to offer their expertise in helping you decide if a private cloud is the right cloud model for your company and if there is sufficient need to justify the investment.

451 Research will help you evaluate the private cloud model in terms of customization, integration, control, security and data replication. And after the webinar, they will provide a free evaluation of your IT needs by a private cloud specialist.

What you will learn:

  • The key dynamics driving enterprises to adopt cloud computing
  • Why the managed private cloud model is the best of both worlds
  • How to deploy consumer and enterprise applications in a private cloud
  • How a correctly designed and sized private cloud can provide cost and feature benefits

Special offer: Watch the webinar and get a FREE technical evaluation of your cloud and customization needs.

And learn more about Private Cloud from Intermedia on our website.



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